72 RHINO Coated Wycombe 11oz White Sublimation Mug


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72 RHINO Coated Wycombe 11oz White Sublimation Mug

Introducing the Rhino Coated Wycombe 11oz white mug, crafted for sublimation printing and customizable designs.

Hailing from Thailand, Rhino Coated mugs have established themselves as the epitome of quality in the European market. Thai manufacturers take immense pride in delivering mugs of unparalleled excellence. While the prices may edge slightly higher than their Chinese counterparts, the superior quality of Rhino Coated mugs stands as a testament to their craftsmanship. Our extensive experience reveals that these mugs boast wastage rates that are second to none during the printing process. Investing a few extra pounds per box ensures that you receive the best sublimation mugs available. We stand in awe of the impeccable quality these mugs offer.

These premium white ceramic sublimation mugs are both dishwasher and microwave safe, providing durability alongside elegance. Supplied in bulk boxes, they do not include individual gift packaging.

Dimensions: (Diameter) 81+/-1mm x (Height) 93+/-1mm

Please be aware: No gift boxes are provided with this purchase.

Notably, these mugs are not manufactured in China and stand apart from our regular standard 11oz white mugs, ensuring a distinctive experience for every user.



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