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Defective Goods/DOA

If the goods are defective or DOA, not working correctly, or incomplete upon delivery you can return them to us providing you have contacted us immediately and informed us of the problem.

Contact Customer Services (details on ‘Contact Us’ page).

We may require information from you about the goods and their condition and you may be given instructions on how to check the goods to help us determine what the problem is and whether the goods should be returned. (See important notice below)


The goods are covered by warranty. Brief details of the main elements of the ‘Warranty’ for the specific goods are contained within the ‘description of item’ on the website or as advertised. The Warranty may not cover all parts of the goods. Full details of the extent of the warranty and any exclusions or restrictions of the warranty or period of warranty are provided with the goods.

Warning: The Warranty may become void if defects result from repairs or alterations which have been carried out or attempted by unauthorized third parties; and/or the use of non-conforming parts.

If you have any queries or issues regarding a Warranty or you wish to know full the details of the Warranty to an item or what it covers you must contact Customer Services before an order is placed (details on ‘Contact Us’ page).

If during the period of the warranty the goods (or part thereof covered by the warranty) develop a fault covered by the warranty we will repair or (at our discretion) will replace the goods or part.

You must notify us immediately of any defect and provide us with any information we require, including a full description and photographs of the defect (where practicable) to enable us to determine the nature and extent of the problem.

Contact Customer Services (details on ‘Contact Us’ page).

Where and if practical we will arrange an on-site repair. We may require you to take the goods to a local agent or to return the goods to us for a ‘base repair’. (See important notice below)

If the goods are covered by a ‘RTB Warranty’ and the goods become defective within the period of that warranty you must notify us immediately and we will provide instructions for a return to us of the goods. (See important notice below)

The Warranties cover defects. They do not cover ‘wear and tear’ from usage or durable components, or consumables which have been opened/used.

Important Notice

You will be responsible for the safety and condition of the goods whilst they are within your control and whilst the goods are being returned to us. All goods must be returned in accordance with our ‘Return Shipping’ provisions. We will re-imburse you the outlays of returning the goods to us providing you have followed our instructions, the Return Shipping provisions and the goods are received by us without further damage and are found to be defective as claimed.

Mugs are durables and subject to erosion of the print by washing/cleansing. Frequent or commercial dishwashing will erode the life and quality of the print and therefore, there is a limited warranty of 3 months from the date the mug is printed and any claim of premature erosion must be supported by evidence of defect in the mug’s surface and returned for manufacturer analysis.

These contractual warranties are in addition to any statutory rights you may have.

We do not accept the return of any goods as defective or otherwise where the goods have been altered or modified in any way or have been used except and only where such use has shown up a defect in the goods and if such is the case, we will only accept the return once we have investigated the defect and are satisfied that the alleged defect is not as a result of use or misuse.

We do not accept the return of goods which have been altered in any way or by any process, such as following having being subjected to a printing or other process. If the goods are to be used for such purpose it is the Buyer’s responsibility for that process.

Mugs: We do not sell ‘seconds’. Our mugs are manufactured products and are priced as such. However, as with all manufactured glazed pottery there may be blemishes or marks upon the pottery ‘finish’ or within the ‘glaze’. These are not defects and we do not accept ‘returns’ of mugs (as defective) on the basis of such blemishes or marks.


If any goods are returned to us as defective and/or unserviceable in circumstances whereby the defect or fault is found not have been inherent at the time of sale we will offer a repair service where practicable. The customer will be notified of the estimated costs of repair and given the option to proceed or not with such repairs. In such event, the costs of the repairs and shipping will be borne by the customer.

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