Coral 2 IN 1 Mug Heat Press Transfer Machine (New)

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1. Double-station control circuit board
2. Two temperature display: Fahrenheit and Centigrade.
3. Processing capacity can be checked.
4. Quantitative counting, you can preset processing capacity when bulk processing, machine will warn you when arrives.
5. Machine comes with temperature correcting function, that makes temperature on the screen the same to real temperature.
6. Double-station, can transfer two mugs at a time
7. Intelligent Temperature Control, small temperature differences, long service life.

Technical Specification:
1.Transfer mug size: Two Standard 11Oz
2.Machine Power: 280W
3.Voltage: 220V-110V
4.Machine Net Weight: 5.8kg
5.Control Mode: LCD, automatic control

6.Transfer Parameter: 180ºC,90seconds


This Mug Press comes with standard 10/11oz heating element.

Please check below for other heating element to fit in the mug press, available to buy seperately.

Heating Element
For 6oz Standard Mug >>>
For 9oz Standard Mug >>>
For 12oz Latte Standard Mug >>>
For 17oz Latte Standard Mug >>>
For 10oz Standard Mug >>>

Please check the video as a guide:





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Please note:

  • Mug Presses are sold with one year RTB warranty, please be advised the warranty apply on all electrical and mechanical parts, please be advise the warranty are not apply for durable parts /components such as heating elements /heating blankets, for durable parts  the warranty limited for 3 months or 1000 use


  • We advise to retain and keep the original packaging in case you need to return the press during the warranty period, buyers responsible to returning items for health check or repair, if the parcel damage on the return journey due to insufficient packaging you may lose your warranty and these damages during transit not covered with the warranty.
  • Please be advised in order to exchange the heating elements you will require to use a screwdriver (Not Included In The Package)  if you are not familiar to use a screwdriver or if it causing difficulties for you to use please do not purchase the heat press.
  • You may also require to change the pressure on the press sometimes and readjust the pressure on the press, there is a pressure adjustment button to do this. Please also be advised due to the limited space if you are using the larger or smaller latte element you may only able to attach one latte element at the time, due to the size there is only one latte element fit on the press If you cannot physically change the mug wraps or adjust the pressure this press may not be the best option for you.

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