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Heat Press

Choosing the Right Heat Press to Meet Your Specific Needs

We offer a large array of heat presses, designed to meet the needs of each of our clients. Whether you’re a startup on a restricted budget or a large enterprise in need of a machine capable of high output, Coralgraph will match you with the heat press that’s right for you. 
Our valued customers can choose from the following companies, each of whom are considered leaders in the manufacturing of heat presses:

Coralgraph – Make premium-quality products without the large price tag.

Our heat presses are specifically manufactured for Coralgraph, in an ISO-certified factory. They’re the perfect solution for people and businesses on a limited budget who still want a quality product. While our presses are typically the most affordable you’ll find anywhere, we do not compromise on quality or service. 

Adkins – The gold standard in high-quality heat presses

Adkins is a long-standing British-based company renowned for its high-quality presses. With a reputation for creating only the finest machines, Adkins is the perfect solution for businesses and enterprises in need of top-of-the-line heat presses that will perform under nearly any circumstance. Backed by their own guarantee, you can rest assured your Adkins machine will perform optimally for many years to come. 

Stahls’ –  U.S.-made, rooted in strong values and quality

Stahls’ was founded in Detroit, MI (USA) – a city known for its excellence in machinery – by the same family who runs the company today. Their top-of-the-line products (including T-shirt and Clamp and Swing Presses) are among the most durable in the market and their online video tutorials offer in-depth training and support for customers.  

We encourage our customers to browse each company’s offerings in order to understand the many options available Our team is also available to help you choose the right heat press, based on your needs, budget, and expectations. 
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