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15 oz Mugs

36 RHINO Coated 15oz White Sublimation Mug
  • Model: SM-WHITE-15OZ-36-RHINO
  • Manufactured by: Coralgraph Inc

Price:   £42.99 (Ex VAT) / £51.59 (Inc VAT)

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Rhino Coated mugs originated from Thailand has been always the best quality mugs on the European Market, The  Thai manufacturers are always taking pride providing the highest quality mugs. Prices slightly higher than the Chinese made mugs however the quality are significantly higher and based on our experience the wastage rates during printing are second to none, if you wont mind to invest few pounds extra per box  to get a best sublimation mugs this is the mugs we recommend. We are truly impressed by the quality of these mugs.
Size: 117mm Height, 85mm Width Diameter (without handle)
Please note: This mug is not made in China and are different compare to our regular standard 15oz white mugs.

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