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Sublimation Coat

Digi Coat UV Protection Coating
  • Manufactured by: Coralgraph Inc

Price:   £19.99 (Ex VAT) / £23.99 (Inc VAT)

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Protection again the damaging effect of sunshine.

An innovative protective over coat containing two types of uv inhibitors to provide maximum uv protection , prolonging the life of sublimated products significantly.

A long standing problem with sublimation printing has been the issue of fading and loss of color vibrancy due to exposure to UV (Ultraviolet) light. Sublimation inks are made from dyes instead of pigments, and are prone to fade faster. This has generally limited the use of digitally decorated substrates in commercial design and architectural décor.

Digi Coat UV Protect is the first product designed for use in the sublimation transfer market to protect images from ultraviolet light fade. Digi Coat UV Protect contains two types of UV inhibitors which both absorb and deflect UV light, giving the maximum possible protection to sublimation inks.

In addition, Digi Coat UV Protect is also designed to be non-sublimatable, giving permanence to your sublimated image never before possible. While no product can ever completely eliminate colour fading due to the effects of ultraviolet light, Digi Coat UV Protect has had extensive comparison testing against uncoated sublimated tiles and the results provide a substantial improvement.

Digi Coat UV Protect is designed to work in conjunction with the Digi Coat line of coatings and is a simple to apply 1 part air curing coating.

UV Protect is an air drying product and does not require a curing cycle. The UV over coat can be used on glass, metals, wood, plastics etc.

How to use this product :

Shake can well for 1 minute
Ensure the surface to be coated is clean dry and free from grease
For best results apply Digi Coat in an even motion holding the can approx 250mm (10") from surface using light passes at room temperature
Air Dry: Dry to handle in 1 hour, fully cured in 24 hours

Quantity : 400ml

Disclaimer: UK sales only – Please do not order this item on-line for exports due to carrier restrictions we are unable to send aerosols outside the UK

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