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Sublimation Coat

Digi Coat Adhesion Promoter
  • Manufactured by: Coralgraph Inc

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Helps you achieve superiror adhesion to surfaces.

Developed to enhance the adhesion of coatings to hard glossy substrates such as ceramics and glass providing amazing durability.

Digi Coat pre-treatment is a specially formulated compound that has a high affinity for glass, ceramic and polished metals, which enables it to form robust physical bonds with such surfaces. It is also engineered to react chemically with the special range of Digi Coat products, hence providing a strong adhesive link between coating and surface.

The use of Digi Coat pre-treatment on glass, ceramic and polished metal surfaces prior to coating, improves the overall durability, and chemical and water resistance of the applied Digi Coat coatings. Failure to use the pre-treatment can result in de-lamination of the applied coating when exposed to wet conditions, especially on glass, glazed ceramic and polished metal surfaces.

How to use this :

Ensure all surfaces to be pre-treated are clean, and free from dirt or grease
Apply compound liberally with a paper tissue or kitchen paper all over the surface to be coated, trying to ensure an even coverage
Allow the compound to bond with the surface for approximately 30 seconds, before removing any excess with clean tissue. When removing the excess, try to eliminate any greasy smudge marks


Quantity : 250ml

Disclaimer: UK sales only – Please do not order this item on-line for exports due to carrier restrictions we are unable to send aerosols outside the UK

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