Head Cleaning Cartridge Set for Epson 4 Color Printers T1811 /14
  • Model: HCT-T1811-4X
  • Manufactured by: Coralgraph Inc

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The head cleaning cartridges are suitable for the following printers :- Epson XP-30 XP-202 XP-205 XP-305 XP-405.

. The printer head cleaning cartridges will help you solve the following type of problems by cleaning and unblocking your blocked printer heads -Horizontal Lines -Banding Issues -One or more of the colors are not printing -Blank Pages after several printouts -Bad quality printouts It contains the following chemicals:- Isopropanol, Propylene Glycol Ether, Catonic Surfactant, Heptonate, Preservative. How to use :- Remove the existing cartridges from your printer and replace them with the head cleaning cartridges and print normally .The cleaning solution will fed through the printer and flush and clean the heads Recommended to set the printer print full color images to let the full color range fed through. ( insert the full set of cleaning cartridges they wont work individually ) Altough the head cleaning solution will unblock 99% of the blocked heads however we cant guarantee it will unblock very badly blocked heads.

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