Head Cleaning Cartridges

Head Cleaning Cartridges

As with any type of machinery or technology, your printer will likely run into some maintenance issues over time. The most common problems with printers  that have not been used for a period of time is that the ink dries on the printer head.

However, this isn’t just a problem for unused printers. Newly installed cartridges can also pose issues, as air bubbles often block your printer head. Often times this issue will subside over time; however, repeated use of your printer will inevitably cause dried ink to accumulate under the printer head, which can cause issue and headaches down the road.

Avoid printing issues with our head cleaning cartridges

Our printer head cleaning cartridges will clean and block your printer heads, and keep you from ever having to worry about malfunctions or technical issues.

But how?

The cartridges are refilled with an Isopropanol Alcohol solution. When the cartridges are used, the solution is discharged to the printer heads, and begins to clean them on contact. These cartridges have a long reputation for their effectiveness and ease of use, and are designed for the most popular Epson and Canon printers.

Head cleaning fluid

In addition to our cartridges, we also sell cleaning fluids in bulk bottles, which give you the power of refilling your cleaning cartridges on your own, and reusing them. That way you save time and money in the long run.

Our cartridges are equipped with the latest version ARC auto reset chips, and you can rest assured that these cartridges can be reused as often as you want.

Our cartridges come with full instructions, and you can also download the instruction sheet directly form our website. You can also contact us directly with any questions or concerns you may have.

Contact us now for more about our head cleaning cartridges.

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