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Bulk Refill Ink

Focused on offering our clients a complete solution to their printing needs, Coralgraph is one of the first sellers in the UK to offer dye-based and pigment-based refill inks for Epson, Canon, and HP and Brother printers.

As a result of our longstanding commitment toward offering refill inks, we’ve been able to perfect the process, thus today offer you only the finest inks for your printers. Our inks are exclusively manufactured in the same ISO Certified factory, meaning we maintain complete control over the manufacturing process.

This commitment toward detail is the reason why customers who use our inks have continued to come back to us for refills. We offer the best ink, for the best prices, meaning you can continue to create the high quality printings you deserve, without breaking the bank.

Our inks

We sell a variety of inks, including dye, pigment and edible inks. Our inks are environmentally friendly and, when compared to other OEM cartridges, are much friendlier on your wallet.

Our refill inks can be used to refill our refillable ink cartridges and Ciss systems,  both of which we sell.

We offer refill ink in a variety of sizes, from 100ml up to 1 liter per color.

Contact us directly for more details.

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