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Sublimation Coat

Digi Coat Translucent White Coating

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Stunning Sublimation images on glass.

Designed to be used in conjuction with digi coat clear, enabling stunning quality sublimation printing on glass. It permits sublimation ink to pass through the white coating to sit above it , producing strong vibrant images

Decorating glass products like tiles or cutting boards with sublimation inks can produce stunning images. Sublimated images must however be applied to the back of the glass. The results of the final image cam be disappointing and appear washed out and faded unless the transfer is top coated with a finish.

Digi Coat Translucent White provides a solution. It is a specially developed to enable the sublimation image to transfer straight through and to fix itself in the clear coating below and resulting in a vibrant image. No more washed out images on glass! This coating is applied as an overcoat to Digi Coat Clear and cures at 160 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

How to use this :

Shake can well for 1 minute
Ensure the surface to be coated is clean dry and free from grease
Prime surface with adhesion promoter
Coat glass first with Digi Coat Clear (allow to air dry for 5 mins) then apply Translucent White over clear coating. Only a fine coat is required. For best results apply at room temperature from a distance of around 250mm (10")
Cure in oven at 160°C (320°F) for 15-20 mins

Quantity : 400ml

Disclaimer: UK sales only – Please do not order this item on-line for exports due to carrier restrictions we are unable to send aerosols outside the UK

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