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Power Bank

Sublimation Power Bank For Smart Mobile Phones - 7800mAh Gold
  • Model: SB-PBANK-7800MAH-GOLD
  • Manufactured by: Coralgraph Inc

Price:   £7.90 (Ex VAT) / £9.48 (Inc VAT)

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Sublimation printable sleek Power Bank can be customized with your images or text gives the user charge their smart phone on the go. It is packed with  7800mAh lithium polymer battery feature with one micro USB and normal USB port to charge itself or your mobile phones.

This is compatible with:
   -  Apple iPhone
   -  Blackberry
   -  Samsung Smartphones
   -  HTC Smartphones
   -  And Phone having micro USB as charging port.

Stylish Fashionable Design with USB and single micro USB output come with a string to allow you more portability. Please make sure Power Bank itself is charged before charging phones.

Note : This device is suitable for only mobile phones.
Recommended Time and Temperature for insert Approx 190 degrees Celsius for 15-30 seconds.

Package Includes:
    - Powerbank (7.6cmx7.6cmx2.4cm) ( Retail Packaging)
    - Printable inserts, Size approx: 7.2cm X 7.2cm
    - One micro USB cable which is used to charge the Power Bank.

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