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Sublimation USB Mini Rechargeable Desktop Power PC Laptop Fan
  • Manufactured by: Coralgraph Inc

Price:   £3.82 (Ex VAT) / £4.58 (Inc VAT)

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Sublimation USB Rechargable Mini USB Fan.
Fashionable and rechargeable mini fan, built-in battery? 1400mAh ).
Portable USB fan offer double functions: Air-conditioner and cooling .
USB Charging cable & carry strap included.
Anti-skid stainless steel frame holder: Adjust the wind direction you like.
Working Current: 500 - 1000mA
Charging Time: 2 - 3 hours
Working Voltage: 5V
Lasting Time: 6 hours
How to install the sponge
1 Turn off the mini fan, push the back cover from top to down, then open the cover.
2 Take out the sponge and the back cover.
3 For the first time use, put the sponge in the water, soak it for minutes, and wash it with soap lightly.
4 Put the wet sponge in the back fan, and close the back cover from down to up.
Fan comes with 10.8cm x 6cm printable metal insert.
Recommended time and temperature 190 degrees Celsius for 15-30 seconds

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