Magic Naga Jewellery

Handmade Jewelry Blessed with Good Fortune


Are you looking for a little good fortune? How about wearing it?! Yes, the newest trend is to wear your way to good fortune, prosperity, wealth and happiness. How is this possible? To understand that, you will need a little background on Buddhist beliefs and blessings, and the story of Phaya Naga.


It is believed by locals of both Thailand and Laos, that the Phaya Naga, a mythical serpent-like creature, resides in the Mekong River or estuaries. The phenomena of the Naga Fireballs have been attributed to these creatures, as well as stories of battles between Buddha and Naga. These battles are said to bring long periods of rain, which once ended, allow Buddha to ascend to Earth. Upon his ascent, he is greeted with fireballs by Phaya Naga.


Naga is sacred and these handcrafted rings, bracelets and pendants are blessed in a ceremony that is based around faith, respect and the worship of Buddhism. The blessing ceremony includes beautiful dances and gestures performed by women and men in full dress of red and green. The women wear crowns as a head dress, while the men have statues, painted gold, that depict Naga in all of his fiery glory.


Once the blessing ceremony is completed this jewelry is said to carry with it the sacred and supernatural powers of Phaya Naga, a semi-divine demi-creature. This jewelry will bring to its devotee all of the good fortune, wealth and prosperity that life has to offer. You shall overcome obstacles and barriers in your way, and be equipped with great beauty, and bring unto you all that is good in the world.


Give the gift of good fortune to those around you. What better gift to give to those newlyweds, or proud new parents, than a lifetime of happiness and good fortune based on faith and worship.


Sometimes we all need a little luck! 

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