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Aviator Wayfarer Stylish Designer Sunglasses Retro Mens Ladies

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Canvas Zipper Sunglasses Cover Shell

Executive Velvet Sunglasses Cover Box

Microfibre Sunglasses Cleaning Cloth

Silk Sunglasses Pouch

W1 Black Frames & Smoke Lens

W10 Orange Frames & Smoke Lens

W11 Pink Frames & Smoke Lens

W12 Turquoise Frames & Smoke Lens

W13 Tortoise Frames & brown lens

W14 Black Frames, Yellow Tempels & Black lens

W15 Black Frames, Red Tempels & Black lens

W16 Black Frames, White Tempels & Black lens

W17 Black Frames, Purple Tempels & Black lens

W18 Black Frames, Navy Tempels & Black lens

W19 Black Frames, Green Tempels & Black lens

W2 Brown Frames & Smoke Lens

W20 Black Frames, Orange Tempels & Black lens

W21 Black Frames & Green Mirror lens

W22 Black Frames & Silver Mirror lens

W23 Black Frames & Gold Mirror lens

W24 Black Frames & Blue Mirror lens

W25 Black Frames & Red Mirror lens

W26 Black Frames & Purple Mirror lens

W27 Matte Black Frames & Green Mirror lens

W28 Matte Black Frames & Silver Mirror lens

W29 Matte Black Frames & Gold Mirror lens

W3 Yellow Frames & Smoke Lens

W30 Matte Black Frames & Blue Mirror lens

W31 Matte Black Frames & Red Mirror lens

W32 Matte Black Frames & purple Mirror lens

W33 White Frames & Green Miror Lens

W34 White Frames & Silver Miror Lens

W35 White Frames & Gold Miror Lens

W36 White Frames & Blue Miror Lens

W37 White Frames & Red Miror Lens

W38 White Frames & purple Miror Lens

W39 Black Frames, Yellow Tempels & Gold Mirror

W4 Blue Frames & Smoke Lens

W40 Black Frames, Red Tempels & Red Mirror lens

W41 Black Frames, White Tempels & Silver Mirror

W42 Black Frames, Purple Temples & Purple Lens

W43 Black Frames, Navy Tempels & Blue Mirror

W44 Black Frames, Green Tempels & Green Mirror

W45 Transparent Frames & Smoke lens

W46 Transparent Frames & Green mirror lens

W47 Transparent Frames & Silver mirror lens

W48 Transparent Frames & Gold mirror lens

W49 Transparent Frames & Blue mirror lens

W5 Red Frames & Smoke Lens

W50 Transparent Frames & Red mirror lens

W51 Transparent Frames & Purple mirror lens

W6 White Frames & Smoke Lens

W7 Purple Frames & Smoke Lens

W8 Navy Frames & Smoke Lens

W9 Green Frames & Smoke Lens


Wayfer style sun glasses are very high quality, offering latest fashion for ladies and gentleman. 100% UV400 protection lens for medium - strong sunlight 100% brand new. Please check our shop for various designer sunglasses.
Microfibre cleaning cloths & Storage Pouches are available to remove scratches & finger prints, Please select sunglasses, cleaning cloths or pouches from the drop down menu. 

Packaging: Individually wrapped in a clear plastic sleeve. 
Product are sent in a bubble wrapped Jiffy Bag ,not in Box  
Colours may not appear exactly as seen on photo in real life due to variations between the computer monitors and naked eye colour difference.

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