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Coral Flat Press 23 x 30 Manual Press Instructions

Coral Garment Press 23 x 30


The Coral Garment Press (23 x 30) Manual Clock is a versatile machine capable of transferring photos and words onto cotton, metal, ceramic, glass and other mediums. It’s an easy-to-use solution for nearly all of your promotional printing needs. It’s lightweight and easy to clean, making your printing process a breeze, from start to finish.






  1. First, turn on the machine. The indicator light will let you know that the machine is functioning.
  2. Next, set the temperature and time to the exact parameters that you need. The machine will begin to heat up (it takes roughly 10 minutes to reach 200° Celsius. Time and temperature are depend on the product you press
  3. Once the machine is heated, lift the handle and swing the heating board away from the working table. Place your printing materials on the working table, press down the handle and push the time clock.
  4. The machine will sound once your designated time is reached. Lift the handle and remove your printed materials.


We suggest you test your printing to get the right time and temperature for your final product.


Potential problems with the Coral Garment Press, and their solutions


  1. The machine is not working.

This is likely an issue with your power supply or the fuse inside the machine.

  1. The heating board is not working.

Three issues could be at play here. Please check the fuses first and replace them both ,if there is still problem contact our technical support team


  1. The alarm does not sound.

This is either an issue with the clock or the time switch.


The Coral Garment Press provides you great flexibility in creating the highest quality printing for your professional and personal needs. Thank you for purchasing the Coral Garment Press (23 x 30) Manual Clock from Coralgraph. Contact us directly with any questions or concerns you have with your product.



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