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Coral Flat Press 23 x 30 Digital Press Instructions

Coral Garment Press 23 x 30


The Coral Garment Press (23 x 30) is a versatile machine capable of transferring photos and words onto cotton, metal, ceramic, glass and other mediums. It’s an easy-to-use solution for nearly all of your promotional printing needs. Whether you’re a business, or looking for printing solutions for your friends or family, the Coral Garment Press is easy to use and clean.





  1. The first step to using the Coral Garment Press is to turn on the machine. The indicator light will let you know that the machine is functioning.
  2. Once you notice the indicator light, set the temperature and time to the exact parameters that you need. The machine will begin to heat up (it takes roughly 15 minutes to reach 200° Celsius.
  3. Once the machine is heated, lift the handle and swing the heating board away from the working table. Place your printing materials on the working table, press down the handle and push the time clock.
  4. The machine will sound once your designated time is reached. Lift the handle and remove your printed materials.


Note: If the paper you used is cold peel, you must wait 15 – 20 seconds before peeling the paper off your garment. If the paper you used is hot peel, then you can peel it off immediately after the printing is done.


We suggest you test your printing to get the right time and temperature for your final product.


Potential problems with the Coral Garment Press, and their solutions


  1. The machine is not working.

This is likely an issue with your power supply or the fuses there is one 13amp fuse on the main plug and one 5amp fuse on the back of the unit above the kettle cord connection

  1. The heating board is not working.

Check the fuses.

  1. The alarm does not sound.

This is either an issue with the clock or the time switch.


Setting up time and temperature


Below is a step-by-step breakdown of how to set up the temperature and time on the Press:


  1. Turn the power on.


  1. Press the OK button to display P-1. Adjust the temperature to your desired level.


Note – you can choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit by pressing, and holding down, the OK button.


  1. Once you’ve set the temperature, press OK again to display P-2. You can now adjust the time to your desired length.



  1. Once the time is set, press OK once more to finish the setting. When the machine is closed the timer will automatically begin. There is no need to hit ENTER.


The Coral Garment Press provides you great flexibility in creating the highest quality printing for your professional and personal needs. Thank you for purchasing the Coral Garment Press (23 x 30) from Coralgraph. Contact us directly with any questions or concerns you have with your product.



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