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Coral 5 Commercial Mug Press


Coral 5 Commercial Mug Press


The Coral 5 Commercial Mug Press is the ultimate solution for large and ongoing printing and promotional projects. It provides you an all-in-one capability to transfer photos, images and words onto mugs from 5 working heating mats. You have the freedom to choose any and all of these heating mats, providing you more convenience in your promotional projects.



  1. The first step to using your Coral 5 Commercial Mug Press is to adjust the pressure in accordance to your mug, by using the pressure adjust. Avoid applying too much pressure, as this will damage your mug.
  2. Print your image with a sublimation printer and paper. Cut the paper and attach it to the mug using heat tape. Leave about a 2 cm. gap on each side of the handle.
  3. Place the mug onto your preferred heating mat.
  4. Turn the power on.
  5. Set the time to 180 seconds. Temperature 180C
  6. Once the allotted time has passed, an alarm will sound. Turn off the power and wait 10 seconds, allowing the mug to cool down. Remove the mug and peel off the paper. If you find it difficult to remove the paper, we suggest placing the mug into lukewarm water for 30 seconds.
  7. Please remember to turn off the unit after each pressing and never heat the blanket without a mug.  A good option is to use a spare mug to preheat the blanket, or to use between pressing, in order to avoid causing the blanket to burn out.



Potential problems with the Coral Commercial Mug Press, and their solutions


  1. The machine is not working.

Check the power supply and both fuses, which is found inside the device. One 13 amp fuse in the main plug and one 5 amp fuse in the back of the unit above the kettle cord connection

  1. The heating mat does not work.

Heating mat need bo checked and replace if necessary .

  1. The color of the transfer is light.

You’ll want to add more time to the heating process.

  1. The photo is not clear

You should decrease the amount of heating time.

  1. The color is light in some places, but not all.

This is likely an issue with the amount of pressure placed onto the mug. Add more pressure to the mug.

  1. The paper is stuck onto the mug.

To avoid this issue, decrease the amount of heating time.


The Coral 5 Commercial Mug Press is a popular choice for businesses of all sizes. It provides great flexibility and unparalleled performance in all your printing and promotion needs. Thank you for purchasing a Coral 5 Commercial Mug Press from Coralgraph. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us directly.


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