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Coral 4 Mug Press Instructions

Coral 4 Mug Press


The Coral 4 Mug Press provides you all all-in-one capability to transfer photos, images and words onto mugs. Our popular mug press makes it easy for you to create your own promotional products, gifts, decorations and giveaways. 

Capable of printing on various sized mugs, the Coral 4 Mug Press can handle most of your printing needs.





  1. Before you begin heating, you must adjust the pressure of the device by using the pressure adjust nut. Be sure that the pressure is adequate yet not too tight.
  2. Print your image with a sublimation printer and paper (the maximum image size is 200x90). Cut the paper and attach it to the mug using heat tape. Leave about a 2 cm. gap on each side of the handle.
  3. Place the mug onto the heating mat.
  4. Turn the power on.
  5. Set the time and temperature (recommended pressing time is 180 seconds; recommended temperature is 160 - 200° Celsius. 
  6. Once the allotted 180 seconds have passed, an alarm will sound. Turn off the temperature and time switch and wait 180 seconds before lifting the handle. Remove the mug and peel off the paper. If you find it difficult to remove the paper, we suggest placing the mug into lukewarm water for 30 seconds.
  7. Please remember to turn off the unit after each pressing and never heat the blanket without a mug.  A good option is to use a spare mug to preheat the blanket, or to use between pressing, in order to avoid causing the blanket to burn out.



Potential problems with the Coral 4 Mug Press, and their solutions


  1. The power light remains off even when you turn the device on.

The likely issue is that the power connection is loose, or the fuse is burned out.There is two fuse in the unit one 13amp fuse in the main connector and one 5amp fuse on the back of the unit just above the kettle cord connector

  1. You find it difficult to adjust the pressure of the press.

Add lube oil to the pressure adjust nut.

  1. The mug mat is no heating up.

The mug blanket are need to be changed or if there is no power in the unit the solid relay or timer need to be checked


Potential problems with your transfer results, and their solutions


  1. Your transfer is too light.

The timer was likely set too short. Add more time to the transfer process.

  1. The image is brown or burned.

This is typically the result of the time being set too long or the pressure are too hard

  1. Only some parts of the image are light.

Either there wasn’t enough pressure on the mug.You can add more pressure..

  1. Only parts of the image are faint.

This is typically a result of a too short pressing

  1. The paper is stuck on the mug.

This is normally a result of too much heating time, or a result of coating that isn’t dry. Reduce the time and/or temperature of the machine and ensure the mugs are dry when you pressing them  



Setting up time and temperature


Below is a step-by-step breakdown of how to set up the temperature and time on the Press:


  1. Turn the power on.




  1. Press the OK button to display P-1. Adjust the temperature to your desired level.



Note – you can choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit by pressing, and holding down, the OK button.




  1. Once you’ve set the temperature, press OK again to display P-2. You can now adjust the time to your desired length.



  1. Once the time is set, press OK once more to finish the setting. When the machine is closed the timer will automatically begin. There is no need to hit ENTER.




Thank you for your purchase of the Coral 4 Mug Press. This press is sure to provide you with solutions to all your printing needs. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us directly. 


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