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Heat Press Accessories

10/11OZ standard Heating Element for Dual Function & Combo Press
  • Manufactured by: Coralgraph Inc

Price:   £24.15 (Ex VAT) / £28.98 (Inc VAT)

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10/11 oz standard Heating Element for Dual Function and Combo Presses
Heating Element suitable for standard 10/11 oz mugs ,cups,ware bottles etc etc for the Dual Function (MP160 ) and for all Coral Combo presses comes with the 4 pin metal connector, ,please check and ensure your press using this connector as per the image.
Important Notice:
Please be advised heating elements supplied by Coralgraph Ltd.
Are only suitable for the Heat Presses supplied by Coralgraph and only suitable for the models displayed on the Listings.
Please be aware there is many Heat presses on the market and they may look identical however the wiring and the cables in the press can be different ,using our heating blankets for heat presses not supplied by Coralgraph may lead to serious electrical fault in the machines /switch boards /fuse boards.We don't advise to use our blankets on any other press only Coralgraph Models.
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