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3D Vacuum Machine & Consumables

These days, you want the freedom to print onto any surface you’d like. Sometimes, that surface isn’t conventionally flat or shaped like a mug. That’s why at Coralgraph we offer the 3D Vacuum Machine, which allows you to sublimate onto products that don’t conform to a flat surface.

What types of surfaces can the 3D Vacuum Machine handle? Nearly the sky is the limit, but examples include plates, phone cases, iPhones, coasters, placemats and more. And at Coralgraph, we not only sell this versatile machine, but we also provide the 3D phone cases, jigs , moulds, and mug blankets needed to make your printing perfect.

Our 3D Vacuum Machine is different from our other heat presses. It takes a longer time to complete your printing with a 3D Vacuum Machine because this machine works like an oven that heats up the chamber. But, as this chamber measures over A3 in size, you’ll be able to press more than one item at a time.

Just like our other products, however, you can be certain that the final printing created by our 3D Vacuum Machine lives up to your expectations, and to our strict demands as the leading sublimation printing provider in the UK.

Contact us today to learn more about our 3D Vacuum Machine.

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